Monday, April 16, 2012


If Valentine is so unhappy with Youkilis trade him to the Phillies. We need a power hitter on the corner. The hitting is dismal. Send Worley and Polanco or Dom Brown in return. MLB News 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Because life does not stop

You have to love the ones that are around you.

There really is no other choice.

Even when the heart knows a vital component is missing.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Why is their a new movie about Money Ball by Billy Bean? Did the Oakland A's win any championships? None that I can recall. I guess I need to read the book. Any time you have Brad Pitt playing you in a movie you must have done something right. I rather see a movie about Fantasy baseball. Read the book Fantasy Land by Sam Walker. It is a must read for the Fantasy Fan!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

ramble etc etc...

I am rooting for the Cav's to win the title against the Evil Empire Miami Heat. Wait I meant the Mav's. Who really cares both fan base is rooting against Lebron and Company. I am not a huge basketball fan, but even I was impressed with Mav's big come back.

So we have this garage sale today. About 10 families on the block participated. I am looking at the stuff being sold and thinking they have much better junk then I do. I am ashamed of the presentation that I have put together on my drive way. Then I started thinking do I have better junk still in the house to sell? Should I get better junk from somewhere and place it outside...

If one more Ice Cream truck comes by the house I am going to shoot out tire. Every time they come by the kids go nuts. Life in the burbs... Go Figure.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sports Ramblings

Another long delay in updating the blog. Oh well life happens. So here is my sports rant.

Flyers please stick with one goalie. I don't care who you pick just stay with him. This has become a three headed monster and not helping anyone. I pick Brian Boucher.

The Phillies are a good team. Yes they can't hit. Once Dominic Brown comes back and Ibanez will start to hit again. If you don't get production from the corner outfielders you will not score enough runs. Maybe they will pick up a Ludwick down the road?

Doug Collins coach of the year. End of story.

NFL Draft - I don't care. If the Eagles are not allowed to trade Kevin Kolb before or during the draft then I am not interested. And for the record I don't care who is right the players or the owners. But for the record players can you not pull up to the facilities to work out in brand new Bentley? Maybe borrow a friends beat up car for the time being? If you want my 135K 2002 Ford Taurus is available in a trade.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Idol tonight

I think American Idol has great talent this year. It is far better then the 2010 cast. I like the commentary from JLO. She seems to feel more comfortable as a judge and is starting to hit her stride. You know you are in trouble when she starts out with you look beautiful tonight. Paula would do the same thing. Then comes the criticism. Nothing to harsh and she has been correct so far. I am not sure about Steven Tyler's role besides comic relief. Doesn't seem to be adding much of anything. I get the feeling he doesn't want to be there. I think it's one year for him and done. Maybe I am wrong. I would love to see him do some vintage Arrow Smith songs. I hope he does before the season ends. The season is going to come down to Jacob, Casey, Pia, and Lauren. They seem to be the most popular.